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CLS Logo: the Komuut

The wave-like symbol, called Komuut, was often used at the end of a manuscript in ancient Lao writings to indicate the completion of a story or a concept. The Komuut was also used between chapters and verses to denote the end of a thought, and the beginning of a new one. Shown in white outline, the Komuut reveals the Center’s purpose, the synthesis of various ideas flowing together, yet still distinct and separate, as reflected through the various academic disciplines within Lao Studies. The logo’s blue color represents the flow of water, such as the Mekong and the great oceans. It conveys the movement of life, representing the Lao diaspora who traveled across rivers and seas, and reminding us that water is the source of our existence. Above the Komuut space, the vibrant green represents the land—the valleys, the hills, the mountains, and the complexity of the earth's terrain. Together, the white Komuut, the blue water, and the green earth create a unified, complete image which represent the diversity of the peoples, languages, and cultures of Laos and its environs. The continual movement of people (water), the cultivation of ideas (fertile earth) and their eventual fruition can only happen through organizations like the Center for Lao Studies, its Komuut.


The Komut logo is copyrighted by the Center for Lao Studies. The use of the logo is only permissible with a written consent from an authorized CLS representative. Please contact us with any questions at info(at)laostudies.org.


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