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Programs and Projects

The Center for Lao Studies has the following objectives in setting its programs and projects:

  • To support scholarly research by facilitating and sourcing opportunities for professionals, artists, graduate and undergraduate students and academia, and sponsoring cultural exchanges for the general public interested in gaining intensive exposure to the various disciplines of Lao Studies.
  • To sponsor conferences, workshops, seminars and speakers forums with invited guest speakers within the United States and from abroad, especially from Laos.
  • To support scholarly publications and occasional newsletters.
  • To support research that promotes and preserves the languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples of Laos. This includes linguistics, history, music, religion, economics, archeology, sociology, and related fields.
  • To support the development of museum and archeological studies.
  • To promote and preserve the languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples of Laos.
  • To engage in public relations, serving as a clearinghouse for referrals to resources and other direct services.



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