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The 1st ICLSMay 20-22, 2005 | Northern Illinois University, USA 


First International Conference on Lao Studies

Conference Summary






Photo: Toni Philadeng


Congratulations to Arizona State University who will host the Second International Conference on Lao Studies on May 3-6, 2007




Please click below to see pictures of the Lao Studies Conference and Lao Cultural Night.

Phet.Org (cultural night)

LaoPlanet.Net (conference)

LaoPlanet.Net (cultural night)

OnLaos.Com (cultural night)





















Dr. John G. Peters, President of Northern Illinois

University opens Lao Studies

Photo: Phoumy Sayavong



Lao Studies participants

Photo: Phoumy Sayavong


The First International Conference on Lao Studies was overwhelmingly successful due to your contribution and participation. The conference brought together over 350 people from five continents and 15 different countries, of which over 20 participants were from Lao PDR. This three-day conference consisted of 36 sessions and featured over 110 presenters. Representatives from various ethnic groups (e.g., Hmong, Tai Dam, Khmu), religious affiliations (e.g., Buddhist monks and Christian pastors), Lao overseas and Lao PDR scholars, high school students, university professors, and community members were participants at ICLS, truly making it an international gathering. The number of people who participated in the Lao Culture Night in Elgin was over 600.

The success of the conference also garnered three university institutions to compete to host the next conference. The next Lao Studies conference will be in 2007, hosted by Arizona State University at Tempe, which currently has an active Lao Studies program. See: http://www.asu.edu/clas/pseas/laos/


Lao Studies participants Photo: Fongsamouth Phengphaengsy


Conference Program

To view and print conference program in PDF file, click on the naga below:

PDF Adobe Format   7MB


Scenes from the conference

Photo: Phoumy Sayavong

Lao Cultural Night, Elgin, IL Photo: Onlao.com

Lao Studies presenters Photo: Toni Philadeng


Full Paper for Proceedings

Presenters who wish to be considered for publication in the conference's proceedings, please follow the guidelines provided on the webpage: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/lao/LaoStudies/annoucement.htm The deadline for submission is September 1, 2005. Vetted papers will be published in the First ICLS Proceedings using Author's Guidelines developed by the NIU Center for Southeast Asian Studies Publications Program.  To ensure inclusion in the volume, submit a camera-ready copy of your paper by September 1, 2005.   Papers should be single space, no longer than 20 pages, left and right margins should be set at 2.13 inches, top and bottom margins should be set at 1.75 inches, paper's font size should be set at 11 pt., and the font size of the paper's title should be set at 12 pt. (Times New Roman font) in the final format described in Author's Guidelines (See sample document).  If you are using any special fonts such as Lao fonts or IPA, please attach the font files with your article when you e-mail the paper.


Lao Studies presentation Photo: LaoPlanet.net


















Lao Studies presentation rooms

Photo: Phoumy Sayavong


Official Conference DVD

We had a professional film maker, Mr. Nith LaCroix, documenting the conference and Cultural Night. He has recorded 15 hours of footage and the edited version is now available.


Lao Studies participants carrying conference tote bags Photo: Toni Philadeng


Reports on Lao Studies

Radio Free Asia: : http://www.rfa.org/lao/sarakhadee/Thuapai/2005/03/07/lao_studies/

Listen to report, click HERE


Voice of America: http://www.voanews.com/lao/2005-06-09-voa1.cfm

Listen to report, click HERE


Lao Cultural Night

Photos courtesy of Todd Haverkos Photography.  Used with permission.
More photos at Phet.org



















































ICLS organizing committee



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