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Top 10 in KK

The 3rd ICLSJuly 14-16, 2010 | Khon Kaen University, Thailand 


1.    Prathat Kham Kaen - 30 km northeast of Khon Kaen, this pagoda was built as the legend goes after two revered monks spent the night there and noticed a dead tree, upon their return later the tamarind tree had flowered. The pagoda was built over this hardwood log (Kham Kaen) and the city's (Khon Kaen) name evolved from this.

2.    Hong Moon Mung Khon Kaen City Museum - Located close to Bung Kaen Nakhon, this place serves as a local museum, where one would get to know Khon Kaen more through the museum’s five exhibition halls: Introduction to the City, Historical Development and Local Culture, Settlement, Ways of Life, and Today’s Khon Kaen. 

3.    Khon Kaen National Museum - Located on the north side of the city, open daily, this regional museum contains artefacts from the Ban Chiang and Fa Daet Song Yang (Kalasin) excavation sites.

4.    The Night Market. Located in the downtown, this lively night market is buzzing with activity where ones can buy an assortment of food, clothing and various souvenirs.

5.    Khon Kaen University campus, a central hub of education in north-east Thailand. Its location is just outside the northern part of the City.

6.    Chonnabot Silk District - 60 km southwest from Khon Kaen, an area famous for hand-woven Thai silk. It also hosts a Thai Silk Exhibition Hall.

7.    Bung Kaen Nakhon - Located in the southern region of the city, this lake is a popular entertainment area with numerous restaurants and other entertainment.

8.    Wat Nongwang - is located south of the city on Klang Muang Road.   A good view of  Khon Kaen city and Bung Kaen Nakhon Lake can be seen from the balconies surrounding the outside of the Temple.

9.    Tortoise Village - 50 km south of Khon Kaen in Mancha Khiri District, approximately 2,000 tortoises reside in the main 4 rai Shrine and the surrounding area.   Most villagers do not have walls or fences to impede the touroises daily ritual of scavenging for food.

10.    Phu Wiang National Park - 90 km northwest of Khon Kaen, the park has a scenic view of the surrounding mountains, the valley, caves, and waterfalls. The park contains several archaeological sites and dinosaur fossils.



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